What I Did on my Summer Vacation and How it Changed My Life

Recently, I made a very big decision. I want to share with you what happened because what you see here will soon be very, very different. First, a little back story. I took the entire month of August off. This was my first summer vacation in a long, long time and it was packed with lots of … Read more

Interruption Survival Sticky Notes

Interruption Survival Tool

If you're a reader of Sexy + Soul-full, then you already know about Brief Daily Sessions (aka BDS). BDSs are my secret weapons for overcoming procrastination and resistance. These help me get to work quickly, even when I am not motivated at all. One key piece of advice I give to people when I … Read more

You Are the Light

My heart is aching from the tragic shootings in Orlando. There seems to be no way to make sense of this kind of violence. I am asking myself: How do I make a difference? I genuinely believe that love and beauty triumph over hatred and destruction. When we live our simple, ordinary lives with love … Read more