Friday Round Up: The World Cup Edition

It’s been a wild and wonderful couple of weeks. Here’s a quick round up of a few of the highlights.

I had the pleasure watching football (that’s soccer to us Yanks) in three different countries and celebrating home team victories in all three. In the Netherlands, we stood on the street and listened to a huge crowd buzz, shout, and the burst into crazy joyousness when the winning goal was scored. In Switzerland, we sat at a sidewalk table outside a building that was built in the 1300’s and peered into a crowded pub which went absolutely crazy as the home team upset heavily favored Spain. The Germany game was, as one of our friends put it, boring even by soccer standards; however, listening to guys happily, drunkenly, off-keyingly singing “Deutschland, Deutschland, Deutschland” was really fun. And cheering the last minute goal that put the US into the next round? Priceless.

After all of the world traveling, I queried the GTD Virtual Study Group Facebook fans for advice on smooth re-entry after travel and got some excellent advice. You might learn a thing or two, too. 

The primates at Mind Like Monkey had the bright idea to pick a book and read it together. You can find out what happened after that and read my review of a book we didn’t choose, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, here.

I’m looking forward to presenting a teleclass next week on creating and using visionboards. My own experience of what visionboarding can do is pretty amazing. You can learn more about the magic and register to attend by clicking here

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