Tip of the Week: How to Be Your Own Best Friend

Today's tip More than likely, you already know what works best for you. Nobody has to tell you that your weekly review makes the week play out more smoothly. You don’t need one more reminder that completing those tasks that take less than two minutes, right there in the moment, decreases friction by a factor of ten. You don’t need someone to nag you, prompt you, or prod you. Right? And yet, something is needed because, if you’re like me (and just about everybody else), you’re still missing the mark, not quite getting where you want to go, and not acting in your own best interest, even though you know what your best interest is.

The key may be tuning in to that little voice that tells you it’s okay to let yourself off the hook “just this once.” Or maybe your little voice says, “It’s not important ‘right now.’” I call that little niggling backtalk “being lazy.” When I see something that could easily be handled right then and there (like folding the laundry) and I feel the urge to put it off, I say to myself, “Don’t be lazy, Tara.” And I handle it. Funny thing is, the more times I do this, the fewer times I catch myself being “lazy.”

I know I’m not actually lazy; I’m too much for a busy-bee Productivity Maven for that. But I do know resistance when I see/hear/feel it. My word for that resistance is “lazy.” Your word might be something else. Whatever you want to call it, once you identify it, work on stamping it out. And suddenly, you’ll find yourself looking in the mirror, and seeing your own best friend.

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