What do you want to learn?

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One of the ways I stay motivated is by following people whose work inspires me. Every morning, over breakfast, I visit blogs and websites, watch instructional videos, or read books. When I’m learning, I feel energized and that energy is the most reliable fuel for my creative engine.

As my knowledge grows, I not only want to create but I want to share what I know. And y’all, I know a lot. I have a rich resume of skills—artistic, technological, and business—that I’m aching to share.

So here’s my request: Tell me what you want to learn about. Here’s a few ideas I have floating around…give one of these a thumbs up or add your own suggestion to the list!

  • How to choose your signature color palette
  • Finding your artistic vocabulary
  • How to use artistic influences to develop your own style
  • Drawing realistic birds
  • How to develop your brand as an artist
  • Managing your time to maximize your creativity

Speaking of teaching, if you’re in the Corvallis area, I’m going to be offering a mixed-media workshop in January. Details coming soon!


  1. Shelley
    December 8, 2017

    I’m interested in the business topics. This is an area that I can improve in and learn about.

    • Tara Rodden Robinson
      December 8, 2017

      Hi Shelley,

      thanks for chiming in–I really appreciate it! I’ll put more of these ideas in my queue. 🙂

      Lotsa hugs,


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