Tara Rodden Robinson, Ph.D.

Alchemist of Time

In Sexy + Soul-full: A Woman's Guide to Productivity, Tara Rodden Robinson, Ph.D. teaches you the secrets of the alchemy of time. You will learn to convert scarcity into enough, urgency into ease, and impatience into equanimity.


When Tara Rodden Robinson, Ph.D., was twenty-eight years old, she dropped everything to move to Costa Rica where she fulfilled her dream of living and working in the rainforest. Since then, she’s earned a Ph.D. in biology, authored Genetics for Dummies, left academia to become an executive coach, and is now an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal productivity. As crazy as it sounds, she got interested in productivity because she was worried that she wasn’t living up to her potential. Her new book, Sexy + Soul-full: A Woman’s Guide to Productivity (St. Michael’s Press), comes out in early 2016. Read More

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