My sweet spot is working with individuals, one-to-one, in conversation over a period of a few weeks to several months.

My ideal clients are women who are mid-career, ambitious, and…

  • Know what they love to do but not how to make the time to do it
  • Want to revel in the freedom and opportunities that come after the kids have grown up and left home
  • Treasure their aging parents and want to be available to help them when help is needed
  • Grow older with grace, joy, and wisdom
  • Develop spiritually, artistically, and creatively
  • Enrich their relationships with husband/partner/wife, family, and friends

For more information, please contact me.

Speaking and Training

I accept a limited number of speaking and training engagements each year. These range from keynotes to workshops. I am charismatic speaker who loves to connect with audiences emotionally as well as intellectually.

Popular topics include:

  • Defeating Overwhelm and Overload to Reclaim Joy, Fulfillment, and Satisfaction at Work
  • Managing Email Mindfully
  • Productive Leadership: Using Productivity to Lead From the Inside-Out
  • Saying “No” With Love and Courage
  • Prayerful Productivity: Integrating the Life of the Spirit Into Your Work

To learn more or to request a proposal, contact me.