The Three Destructive Myths About Time

Sexy + Soul-full: A Woman's Guide to Productivity

Through my work with hundreds of people seeking greater control over their time, and thus, their lives, I’ve discovered a widespread acceptance of three destructive myths about time. These three myths drive all sorts of behaviors and decisions which, inevitably, don’t help because the intended … Read more

Let the Light In and Let Your Loves Out

Let the light in; let your creativity out.

I learned an important lesson about finding, and expressing, my loves this week. I’ve been working to develop my own artistic style. One of my frustrations as an artist is that I often see my teachers’ influences in my work. While I love my teachers, and their styles, I long to express my own … Read more

Dare to Shine

Last week, I had the joy of teaching an art workshop on setting intentions. We considered what kinds of attitudes and mindsets we wanted to carry forward through the next twelve months. One of the attendees shared that her intention for 2016 was "Me!" Her delightfully bold intention made me wonder: … Read more

My Book Has Arrived!

The galley proof of my book arrived today and I just had to share the joy I felt when I opened the package and saw my book for the very first time. Woohooo!!! … Read more

What Happens When Wonder and Shame Collide?

One bright fall morning, I was gazing out the window of the cheap, dingy green, portable building that housed our fourth grade classroom. A large soaring bird swooped past and my teacher, Mrs. Lakeshore (not her real name), heard my little gasp of delight. In a booming voice that got the entire … Read more