Feeling Fearful? A Blessing for You

Does it seem to you that the world has lost its mind? It does to me! On a recent visit to the Trappist Abbey, I found a lovely blessing that eased my mind and comforted my heart. I thought you’d enjoy it, too!

With love,

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The Tara Show returns!

At long last, we are back in production!

Episode #3 is entitled Piper’s Dad after the poem that our newest contributor, Chris Anderson, wrote and shared. The conversation is deep—about writing, poetry, prayer, death and dying, and, most importantly, love. I loaded the track yesterday morning and it’s already gotten over 100 listens! I am so grateful! If you would be so kind, please give it a listen, provide feedback or comments (online if you’re willing), and promote the episode to your networks as you feel appropriate.

Reliability: A New Manifesto

In a couple of weeks, I’ll have the pleasure of presenting a workshop at my favorite conference of the year. As I was preparing for my presentation, entitled Reliability: The Human Dimension of Productivity, I penned an all new Manifesto as a handout for the occasion. And here it is! If you’d like your own copy as a pdf, click here. Enjoy!

reliability manifesto


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