Sexy + Soul-full Productivity

Shortly after I decided to stop all the platform building torture I told you about recently, I took some time to ask myself: what do you want to be, Tara? The first word that came to mind shocked me: Sexy. Sexy?!? Next thought: “Oh dear, here comes the mid-life crisis!” Now that I’ve had some time to think about it, however, I see that I was spot on.

What woman doesn’t want to be sexy? I mean, really ladies, deep down, you know you want it. You want to have that luscious sense of personal power that comes from being incredibly comfortable in your own skin. It doesn’t matter how old your skin is, either, nor how flawless or wrinkled it might be. Sexy is sexy no matter what your age or stage of life. And, in my opinion, sexy can be quite productive. How, you say?

Being truly sexy means confident, bold, centered.

It’s an incredible balance of life that invests in the roles of wife/partner/soulmate and mother while nurturing a healthy ambition in the wider world. And nurturing is a key word for us women: we are, many of us, deeply nurturing. We are creative, relational beings who want to help in all the forms that help comes in. That desire springs, in part, from our femininity. It’s part of our DNA. And when we’re in our wheelhouse of womanhood, really standing in that truth, we are incredibly productive! We do what we love with vivaciousness. We infuse our work with lively energy. This kind of sexy is incredibly soulful and soul-full. I want to be that kind of sexy, don’t you?

And I want to be that kind of sexy not just for myself, either. I want it for my husband. I hear about this all the time: couples who have worked so hard at their careers and raising a family and then they look at each other over the dinner table, the day after the last kid has gone to college, and they don’t recognize each other. I don’t want that to happen to me. I don’t want that to happen to you either. I adore my husband–he’s my real live, honest-to-goodness soulmate. Sexy, soul-full productivity means that I know how to make time not just for what I love but who I love, too. To invest in our relationship, really engage and be present, so that we’ll enjoy growing older together and treasuring every moment of our marriage (even the not-so-great ones).

In my view, loving and being loved, is part of productivity–it has to be! We humans are such social creatures! Our relationships are the most important parts of our lives and our romantic relationships are even more so. So if your productivity system/method/approach is not giving you more time and freedom to be with your beloved, then, girlfriend, you need a new productivity system. (And yes, I have one to offer you…it’s called Soul-Full Productivity–check it out here.)

So yes: I want to be sexy. I want to practice sexy, soul-full productivity so that I make time for what, and who, I love. How about you?

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