What the Sexy + Soul-full Woman Knows: Core Strength is the Secret to Balance

This entry is the first in a series of posts exploring what it means to be Sexy + Soul-full. Enjoy!


blue-badgeI’ve said for years that I don’t believe in work-life balance. That’s because in my book, there is only life and only balance. What the Sexy + Soul-full woman knows about productivity is that core strength is the secret to keeping (or regaining) her life balance.

If you’ve ever taken Pilates, yoga, or done any sort of physical exercise designed to strengthen the core muscles of your body (your abdominals and back, particularly), then you already know that core strength is much more than a flatter stomach. The core muscles aid in maintaining upright posture, keeping you balanced, and preventing falls when your equilibrium is disrupted. Because the mind and body are joined, and affect each other, this core stability extends to your mental state as well–improving your confidence when you’re descending stairs or traversing rough terrain, for example.

Understanding this principle of core strength, the Sexy + Soul-full woman extends it to her productivity and life balance, not just by cultivating her physical core, but also by nurturing two other key areas of core strength: spiritual and mental.

The Sexy + Soul-full woman attends to her spiritual core by seeking out what feeds her soul and partaking of that spiritual food regularly. She may find strength in prayer, meditation, reading scripture or wisdom literature. She may gain spiritual core strength in exercising her spiritual gifts [pdf download]. She may find that a regimen of long walks or yoga retreats bring her spiritual core into its best, most resilient, flexible, and purely strong state. Because she maintains this strong spiritual core, she is able to bring her highest and best self to her work. She has a spiritual resolve that supports her in making decisions, assessing possibilities, and carrying out her plans. Her goals are steeped in her spiritual nature and she has an integrity about her that is unmistakable. Her very presence is palpable from the moment she walks into a room. This presence emanates from her core, her spiritual core strength.

Mentally, the Sexy + Soul-full woman understands herself. She knows her own strengths, talents, weaknesses, foibles, flaws, and boundaries. She’s fully aware of what she considers non-negotiable and essential to her well being. While she’s capable of compromise, she uses her core mental strength to carefully weigh her options. She is never stuck leaning in or away; she knows how to maintain an upright posture, balanced on her own two feet. She has a confidence born not from the notion that everything will turn out well, but from her knowledge that even when she’s pushed off center, she can regain her balance. Adversity doesn’t frighten her because she knows she’s handled it before and can do so again. That courage is the result of her attention to building her mental core strength.

Integrated, the physical, spiritual, and mental core strengths are the secret to the Sexy + Soul-full woman’s life balance. She brings these aspects of herself together, in one tidy package, to everything she undertakes. It’s this cultivation of balance that protects her from falls (literally and figuratively), gives her stability, and provides the basis for her joyous participation in all the activities of her life. It’s is her core strength that gives her the inner power to allocate her time, maintain her attention and focus, create an orderly environment, keep her commitments–the building blocks of her productivity and the basis of her contributions to her world.


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