What the Sexy + Soul-full Woman Knows: How (and Why) to Celebrate Success

This is the second in a series of posts exploring what it means to be a Sexy + Soul-full woman. You can read the first post here. Enjoy!


white-badgeAmbition is a wonderful trait. It invites industriousness and initiative. Ambition calls you forward, to reach a little farther, farther perhaps than you think you can. This kind of stretching to grow past your personal best is good and healthy. But occasionally, ambitious women get so focused on meeting goals and then surpassing them, they forget to pause and savor their achievements. What the Sexy + Soul-full woman knows is that celebrating success is an essential part of accomplishment, as important as setting goals, planning, and doing the work it took to achieve success.

Celebrating success isn’t just a pat on the back or gaining recognition. If fact, those are the least of the benefits that celebration bestows on the Sexy + Soul-full woman. Celebration is the act of taking possession of, and owning, her abilities. It is by naming, experiencing, being present to her successes, that endows the Sexy + Soul-full woman with her knowledge of what she is good at and the value of her work. Only by understanding and recognizing the worth of her work can she be in full ownership of it and be ready to stand up for it or upon it.

What does celebration consist of? A pause, a moment, a smile, a flower in the vase on her desk. Celebration is a massage, a good book, a glass of wine raised in a toast the significance of which only she knows. It’s a line in her gratitude journal. It’s a class she’s been wanting to take, an afternoon spent on her art, a walk alone so she can hear her own voice and sing her own praises, to herself and her muses and to whomever else she wishes to share her joy.

By celebrating her accomplishments, she positions herself to bring her achievements with her, a treasure trove that she can draw from wherever she goes, for her own benefit, as well as of those around her. It’s said that women are poor negotiators for their own benefit, gaining (on average) fewer raises and bonuses than men who do the same work. The Sexy + Soul-full woman is in a better position to argue on her own behalf and bolder in doing so because she understands the value of her abilities, the worth of her accomplishments, and the advantage she brings to her employers or collaborators.

Even though the Sexy + Soul-full woman celebrates, she does so with humility. She knows that her accomplishments are earned by her effort, not owed to her by entitlement. She gives credit to herself, yes, but also shares credit generously with others. This sharing is a natural extension of her gratitude, which she practices consistently, as she offers her work and accomplishments to a greater power than her own.

By attuning herself to something greater than herself, something transcendent and divine, the Sexy + Soul-full woman is able to accept her success as a gift, not just to herself but to her world. Each and every time she achieves some measure of success, she contributes to the success of all. A rising tide, after all, lifts all boats. When she succeeds, the Sexy + Soul-full woman makes it possible for others to succeed, to surpass their own limitations, to gain greater freedom and seek new possibilities. And indeed, this is true for her as well–as her celebration of success nurtures an inner strength and confidence.

Celebration of success, in joy and with humility, supplies the Sexy + Soul-full woman with the understanding she needs to be comfortable in her own skin. She is able to approve of herself, seeing herself and what she does with love. This ability to supply herself with approval makes external validation irrelevant and unnecessary. And thus, when recognition from the outside comes to her, it’s a gift and a grace that only adds to her already bountiful sense of abundance and wealth.

Last, but certainly not least, celebration allows the Sexy + Soul-full woman a chance to savor the sweetness of success, the be fully present for it, reaping joy and fulfillment from her work. Without this kind of pause, however brief, her work may feel endless and, at times, pointless. But with even modest celebration, energy and light are restored and purpose and meaning are recalled. Those reminders of the deeper reasons for her efforts are what keep the Sexy + Soul-full woman loyal to her journey, even when the going is tough and successes are far between, when failure looms or storm clouds gather.

What about you? How do you celebrate your accomplishments? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.