About Me

I am Tara Rodden Robinson. I help people like you do more of what they love.

My goal is to give you the knowledge, tools, skills, and behaviors you need to contribute your unique gifts to your world. With less stress. And more fun.

Authenticity is the name of my game, honey. The real you is the most important person you can be. So I spend time helping you connect with what matters most to you. And then I make sure you can keep your head above water with all the stuff you gotta do so you can really enjoy your life and your work and your job instead of feeling overwhelmed and snowed under all the time. Because face it, being overwhelmed and overloaded sucks.

I am convinced that contribution is the key to a life well lived. What I mean by that is that when you contribute–that is, give of yourself, unselfishly and from the heart–you tap into a divine and sacred energy source.

You can call that source your higher power. You can call him God. You can use other words in other languages. Whatever you call it or Him or Her, I can help you connect with that, and use your spiritual self right along with your analytical left-brained self and your fabulous artsy-fartsy right-brained self to be a productive citizen of the world you live in.


Here’s how I work my magic.

I coach. My sweet spot is working with individuals, one on one, in conversation over a period of a few weeks to several months. My ideal clients are people who are mid-career, ambitious, and…

  • Know what they love to do but not how to make the time to do it
  • Want to revel in the freedom and opportunities that come after the kids have grown up and left home
  • Treasure their aging parents and want to be available to help them when help is needed
  • Grow older with grace, joy, and wisdom
  • Develop spiritually, artistically, and creatively
  • Enrich their relationships with husband/partner/wife, family, and friends

I do speaking and training. I love teaching! It’s a joy to connect with audiences large or small.

I write. I post to my blog on whatever happens to be on my mind at the moment. So I may be writing about anything from productivity to brain science to spirituality to personal exploration. The sky’s the limit, baby.


You may want to know a little about my background.

As soon as I open my mouth and start talking, you’ll know I grew up in Louisiana. I got my nursing degree at the University of Southern Mississippi. I can tell really dramatic stories about trauma and open heart surgery and how fragile life can be.

When I was 28 years old, I ran off to Costa Rica to live and work in the rainforest. Eventually, I found my way to the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, where I outlasted the bastards and got my Ph.D. in Biology. I did some post-doctoral work in genetics, mostly at Auburn University (War Eagle!) and in a fit of extreme insanity, snagged a contract to author Genetics for Dummies (now in its 2nd edition).

I became self-employed as a professional coach in 2006. I have earned an Associated Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation and I abide by their Code of Ethics. Coaching helps me combine all the aspects of my whimsical background into something that makes sense. Helping is second nature for me–and when I’m coaching, I’m using all my knowledge and experience and expertise to help my clients. I love exploring neuroscience and positive psychology and figuring out how to apply scientific findings to everyday life. And I’m really independent so being my own boss is the bomb.

Even though I’m not a working biologist anymore, I love being outdoors in nature, hiking with my two dogs and my husband of over 18 years. I live and work in Corvallis, Oregon.

Want to know more? Contact me!

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